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Display items only on set days - think i have it all wrong

Hi everyone Ive been going around in circles for a couple of days on this one, i’m sure its simple but i’m thinking of it all wrong. I want create a list, with the item only showing on the days [not date] that they have been assigned. So I filtered a repeating group of items by extracting the CurrentDate_day and comparing that to the day number I entered database as a display field.

This seems to work with a manual entry into the database but when i try to create a form for this it all falls over. Ive been assigning a button or check box to a day and getting that to write a number to this ‘display’ field. This seems wrong and full of problems - ie what if i want the product to show every day or on a wednesday and a friday.

I dont really understand data modeling - think my brain is wired differently. Can someone point me in the right direction please :slight_smile: here is an example file.