Display list from popup in new popup and create ID

Hi all!

I created a popup form, and once that form has been filled, I’d like the popup to be replaced by another popup that would show a recap of the form informations that have been filled as well as create a unique ID for future reference. The idea is to build myself a CRM that would allow me to create client profiles and access these profiles later on.

The thing is I created the form but I don’t understand how to display the created content in a new popup nor how to create a unique ID.

So here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Created “Click me” button that displays the popup.
  • Created the following popup:

Then here’s my Workflow, when clicking “enregistrer” (save):

Then I tried so many things that I’m completely lost… :slight_smile:

I’m sure that’s very simple but couldn’t find anything on the forum, so some help would be much appreciated!

Thanks and have all a great day/evening,


Set the initial content on the inputs on the popup to be the ´other´inputs value or if you have defined the content on the groups/popups, the data source could then be group x’s List_Client.

Thanks for the input.
But not sure I understand as I still get some errors, would you mind expanding a bit?
Also I don’t understand how to create a unique ID for each client.

Thanks again

The easiest way to do this, if it’s just a recap, is to set initial content on an input to another inputs value or with a regular text element.
This is the input, i.e where you type your clients email:

On your popup where you want to show your recap, it can look like this:


Regarding your second question, what are you going to use the unique ID for? If you create a new user, your client, that user automatically gets a unique ID.

Ok I get it now, thank you.
I didn’t think of creating a new user but it seems far more logical.

Thanks for your help!

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