Display multiple pieces of info when using search box

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I am using a searchbox, but it will only display info based on what “field to search.” The issue is that with my “field to search,” there are multiple entries with the same person’s name. However, the date that the name is entered is always different. So, with the current way, it will appear to the user as the same item 10 times, but i would know from the developer’s standpoint that they are different. If I could display all the items with a date next to them, then it would be much easier for the user to distinguish between the items.


I’ve got same issue. Had nobody answer ?

Did you find Solution ?


Try to use the “:append” option, concatenating itens and data.

Hi Newed,

Thank you for your prompt answer :wink:

I will give detail of my issue even if I think you got it, with my poor english (I’m French)

Below is what I have in my searchBox when there are multiple entries with the same person’s name in my Db table :


So I would like to display first names just to the side of names to distinguish between the items.

But, unless I’m mistaken, I think we can’t use “:append” option with a searchbox (see below)
Here are my searchbox parameters.
Could you please tell me where I could use the “:append” option ?

Tanks in advance.

I stopped working on this project a while ago but I would actually use the ZQ Fuzzy search plugin instead. Honestly, its better to use that search plugin instead of Bubble’s native search bar.

yes I saw a few videos about this plugin but il looks like it isn’t adapted for very big databases.

Thanks for your answer.