Display of 365 lines in a RG very slow

I want to display in a repetition group the next 365 days of the year.
The first 25 days are displayed almost immediately. However, it takes almost 30 seconds for the other days to appear.
The network I’m working on is a bit slow … However, is there a way to speed up the display?


Can you preload the RG by chance? Is it done on page load or does someone need to click something for it to do it’s thing?

Perhaps if you load it up after the page is loaded, you can make it seem quicker to that person.

bubble loads data “on demand” so using a vertical scroll the data loads when the scrolling position is such that it should become visible. If you want all 365 days to be displayed on page load in a fixed number of cells R.G. then it would take some time to load…check out the forum posts about performance.