Display of free appointments, according to time

I have a site for booking tables.

How do I set it to not show the time that has already passed.

I have 6pm and it shows a free table for 5pm :slight_smile:

Hi there, @bartoszkopec89… if I understand your post correctly, does it work if you change :rounded down to day to :rounded down to minute or maybe :rounded down to hour?


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It works - thank you :slight_smile:

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And how can I change the above settings so that at 10:00 a.m. it doesn’t display free appointments for the day?

Change the rounding of the time to 10:00?

Use the change hours to and change minutes to operators to change the hour and minute to 10 and 0, respectively.

Can you say more because I don’t understand where to set these changes :)?

You can change the hours and minutes of the current date/time like this…


I have to change it in the data source? but how since I have a search present, which I can not change

I don’t know what you are trying to do, but if you need to change the time somewhere to 10am, I showed you how to do that.

I doesn’t want to change the time :slight_smile:

I have a portal for booking tables.
I would like to set it to disappear every day at 10:00 available tables for that day.

So that after 10:00 you can no longer book tables for today

Put a condition somewhere that says when the current date/time is greater than the current date/time with the hours and minutes change to 10 and 0, then do something (hide something, disable a button, whatever).

I didnt have that option:

Enable the experimental parentheses feature and you will be able to create the expression.

Thank you I installed, but it still does not work. All my appointments from the other days of the week disappear :slight_smile:


I only told you how to configure the expression… where you put it and how it affects your app is for you to figure out.

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I wonder how and where to set up (maybe this will help):
When current date/time is 9, show available time slots on current date/time +day: 1.


I can’t use this in reapitinggroup, because my all available time slots will disappears

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