Display one-to-many in repeating groups

I have created a data structure to collect feedback from people. Each feedback has a number of fields including a list of IDs. That list of IDs is used to refer 0 or more skills.




When you click each Skill’s Add button, it’s ID gets added to SKillsg god or Skills bad, depending on the screen.

I want to display the feedback in rows using a repeat group, with one row showing all the “plain” Feedback fields and another showing the Name of the relevant 0, 1, 2 or more skills. I have tried one repeating group inside another but can’t figure out how to traverse the list of IDs and display the associated skill.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @rhortalrm,

Instead of the skill fields being a list of texts, make them a list of Skills. It will be much easier! You can actually link an entire record (not just an ID) to another record. Check out this tutorial to show you how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BB4mZp_C3Q

Then when you’re looking at a repeating group of Feedbacks, you can put another repeating group inside (Type = Skill) with the data source “Current Cell Feedback’s Good Skills” (for example). Inside THAT cell, you can display the “Current Cell Skill’s Name”

That should help make this a bit easier for you.


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