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Hi everyone.
So I am working on a training platform where when the user signs up for the first time they are taken to a page where they will select the category for example Data Science.
But on the next login I want to bypass this page and take them to a page where all the Data Science content is dispayed.
Any ideas on how to do this?
Thanks in advance​:relaxed::pray:t2:

Hello @manas14agarwal welcome to the community!

Category clicked (Category)

Title (text)

Upon sign up send them to the categories page
Register the clicked category on the current user’s category clicked field
On the categories page set an even on page load to go to page “category details” if the field current users category field is not empty. If it is empty then keep them on the categories page. :grinning:

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thanks Carlos I was able to resolve it.
BTW this my other id I logged in with. Cheers!

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