Display Price / Numbers in 24h

Hi Bubbles, i need some help with how to display a numbers/text type like “votes” changes in 24 hours.

Hi there, @superalphadao… we would need to know more about your setup in order to give a specific answer, but I’m thinking you should be able to add the :filtered operator after Current Page coin's Upvotes, and add a constraint to the filter to get upvotes where the created date is greater than the current date/time rounded down to date. Then, add the :count operator to the end of the expression, and you might be good to go. I say might because I could easily be off base here, given the limited amount of info you provided.


hi mikeloc, there is no :filtered operator

only this:
forum upvotes 24h 2
forum upvotes 24h 3

Is the Upvotes field just a number field? How are you populating that field?

just a text field, should i add another field?

sorry it is number type field

If you have a single number field in which you are storing the total number of upvotes, you won’t be able to use that field to get the number of upvotes in the last 24 hours. Again, how are you populating that field? What does your workflow(s) look like?

i have a vote button for each coin, when someone click, it will +1

forum upvotes 24h 4

i hope im doing this right, help me if im wrong

With a simple number field that increments every time there is an upvote, you won’t have any history associated with upvotes. If you need to be able to get the count of upvotes for specific periods of time, you will likely have to go the route of having a custom data type where you save each upvote as a thing. You might also be able to have a number field that specifically stores the number of upvotes that have come in during the past 24 hours, but you would have to do something to reset that field every 24 hours.

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