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Display receipt from RG to a Pop up

Hi! I am building a grocery app and on the order list of the user, I’m trying to create a popup that will display their receipt. I’m failing on sending the data from the RG to the pop up. Thank you for your help!


Hello @estelasmillan

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@cmarchan does not work with data source current user either :frowning:

Hi there, @estelasmillan… I could be off base here (it’s a bit difficult to piece everything together), but it looks like you are displaying the Parent group's Order correctly in the popup when the Group receipt button is clicked, but I think some data sources are missing in the popup.

I’m wondering if this group should have a data source of Parent group's Order.

I’m also wondering if this repeating group should have a data source of Parent group's Order's Ordered Items.

Want to give those updates a shot and see if that helps?


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@mikeloc Thank you! exactly what it was missing :slight_smile:

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Hello @estelasmillan

The concept of passing values “down” and “up” is explained through videos like these: