Display registered users on Dashboard

Hi, I’m trying to create a home page showing all registered users.
I want to use a profile user’s template I created, and replicate it x times equal to registered users.
The image below is an example of an extendible “card” (I don’t know what to call it) that shows in detail info about users.
I want to put this card in the home page and replicate it for all users registered.

Make this template a reusable element and place it in users repeating group in the home page.

I put my reusable element in a repeating group as you said, but maybe I miss something.
How do I have to set up the group? I have a database table called “user” with all info related to the single user, and a reusable element “the card” (in the previous message) that integrates all user database fields information.
I tried to put the reusable element in a repeating group, but when I launch the index preview shows me 2 cards with the same data (currentlyfor a test I have only 2 users with different data)

Did you set the Data source of Repeating group to Users and Reusable element in Repeating group to “Current cell’s user”?

I set it this way

But I don’t find an option about “Reusable element in Repeating group to “Current cell’s user””

Done! But my reusable component still shows me the same data for all cards

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