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Display specific repeating group after selecting option from drop down menu?

Hi! I’m trying to display a specific repeating group when selecting an option from a drop down menu. For instance, if I’m trying to build a food menu, and I want to give my guests the option to find out what the lunch dishes are, or what the breakfast options are by selecting these from a drop down and only displaying the lunch options or the breakfast options, how do I do that on bubble? I tried playing with the workflows, and conditions, but haven’t been able to figure it out. Thanks so much!

Hello favio,

this problem can be solved easily.

  1. Take your drop down menu and go into the workflow section

  2. Make if this value Changed (see screenshot)

  3. Display list in your repeating group and use this drop down input as filter input (e.g. food with category breakfast).

You are ready.

We do have some videos on our Youtube Channel which covers stuff like multidrop down, might be interesting for you.

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Thanks so much!