Display Tasks Every So Many Hours

I need to display tasks every so many hours, like every 20 Hrs. So a task would show up when a bike’s hours gets to 20 hrs, 40 hrs, 60 hrs and so on.

Every user has their own tasks for their own bikes and all tasks will show based on the hours that each bike has. So I need to filter the tasks for each bike to only show when those hours are up. I was trying to set a filter but I couldn’t get anything to work.

2 Questions:

  1. Can you further explain what “bike’s hours” means?
  2. When you say “display tasks”, do you mean you are creating a new “task”?

Adding context will allow me to assist you a lot easier.


All of the tasks would already be created with a field that says this tasks needs to be done every 20 hrs.

  • Task 1 do every 10hrs
  • Task 2 do every 20hrs

Then Task 1 would show every time the bikes hours are 10hrs, 20hrs, 30hrs, 40hrs
Then Task 2 would show every time the bikes hours are 20hrs, 40hrs, 60hrs, 80hrs

Each task is for multiple bikes so I need to filter by the bike’s hours to show the task for each bike. The user has to manually update the hours on each bike.

Hope this helps .

Makes a lot more sense. Is there a limit to the # of bike hours?

No, every time the bike is ridden the hours add so the hours will the life of the bike.

Got it. This will require an advanced search I believe. This is quite difficult. Essentially, when you divide the # of bike hours by the task interval, you don’t want any numbers past the decimal. Not entirely sure how you would pull this off though. I’ll keep trying.

It doesn’t have to be just the exact hour. Just equal or greater then the hour.

That wouldn’t make much sense if the task would show every 10 hours. If it’s equal to or greater than 10 hours, it’ll show forever after 10 hours. Am I not understanding something?

Yea, I would like to make it so the task would show at 10 hrs then it would stay there till it is marked completed.

Ah, got it. Well in the Task table, make sure there are 2 number fields. Interval and Hours. In reference to your example, Interval would be 10 hours. Hours would be 10 or 20 or 30 or 40, etc. Also have a yes/no field labelled “Complete”. When a task is marked complete, a new Task is created with the same Interval but the Hours field would be “Task 1’s Hours + Task 1’s Interval”. In your example, Hours would = 20 for the new Task.

Hope this makes sense. I think we’re on the same page now.

Also, when filtering, you may want to only show Tasks that aren’t marked as complete.

This the way I was thinking of doing it at first but if I do it this way I have to make tasks for each bike, which I think will be the best. I was hoping I could make one set of tasks for user and multiple bikes but I don’t this way will work good very good.

Would there be an easy way to make a list of tasks for each bike when the user puts a new bike in so the user would not have to put them all in every time he puts a new bike in.

Ok, if this is the case, you may want to rethink your database structure. Here are the 3 tables you should have:

  • Bike
  • Task
  • Sub Task

Users contain a List of Bikes
Bikes contain a List of Tasks
Tasks contain a list of Sub Tasks

A task could be something like “Change Tire”. The Sub Tasks would be what is marked as complete (as previously explained)

Now when a User creates a new Bike, you’ll be able to duplicate Tasks from previous Bikes WITHOUT carrying over the Sub Tasks. However, the only way you can create a list of things at once is through the API workflows. Do you need me to go through that process?

I will try and set it up once and see if I can get it woking.

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Ok, I think I got it working.

Instead of the sub task I just created a user and copied the list from that user.

Instead of using a completed field and creating a new task I just made changes to current cells task- Task hours=current cells task hours+current cells interval hours and that hides it till the bike hours are same or greater then the task hours.

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Makes sense!