Display the good page in function of User's input

Hello guys,

I’m new on bubble, i’m looking for two days for an answer, so i will finally try it here.

I’m currently trying to build an app, where the user could answer several questions about is cooking devises and ingredients, and depending of the results to these questions (which are checkboxes), i would like to send him to the appropriate page of the website.
For example :

  1. Do you have : An oven / cooking plate / microwave.
  2. Do you eat : fish / meat / vegetables

Send him on an page (on bubble) which gonna be made of articles with recipes.

I’m struggling to gather the data in my database (when there check the multiple checkbox) and to display at the end of this “typeform” the good page, which will depend of the answers.

I hope that i’m clear.
I will really appreciate some help :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.
Go Bubble.io !



Search for articles with constraints filtered for this article tags contains list of selected tags

Being new to Bubble … the above will likely cause more questions than it provides guidance. I recommend you watch tutorials on:

-Building repeating groups
-Selecting rows from repeating groups
-Show/hide groups to build the experience where users answer questions

Best starting point is to do these Bubble tutorials and then watch as many tutorials from this great @gregjohnkeegan YT channel called Buildcamp

Practice building the stuff that they talk about in the videos

… and right after take a stab at your app … go super basic at first :+1:

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