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Display total size from a list of files


I have a list of files, and I need to display in a text the total size of all files, is there a way I can do that natively or with javascript?

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Just googled it and found this

Thanks, @paul29.

The thing is that the list of files is a field and not a Type, so I cannot add a field to a field.

I have a type called House and two fields, name (type text) and files (type file and it´s a list).

I want to display the House´s file´s file size

Can you please send a screen shot of your data type?


archivos means files in spanish, so it´s a field with a list of files (literal files).

And here you can see the type Registro that in the example is equal to House.

So I need something like Registro´s archivo´s file size

I could add a field called file size in Registro for when a user upload or delete a file, update the total file size of that Registro, but the thing is that it would only work for the new files, and I have users that have many files upladed today.

How are the files uploaded to your DB? Is it done by a workflow or is it done one by one?

With a When FileUploader´s value has changed make changes to Registro and add this file to archivos

Then when you want to display the total file sizes just do a search for registro’s file sizes:sum

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You also need to add file size field to your registro data type

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Thanks, @paul29.

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