Display two constraints in repeating group

Hi there
I am wanting to display two constraints in a repeating group
I have a task list.
A Task can be allocated to a specific user
A Task can be allocated to a specific location (many users)

A user is part of a location with many other users

When the user sees the repeating group list of tasks when they are logged in I want them to see
All tasks allocated to just them
All Tasks allocation to their location

They can complete their own allocated tasks
They can complete tasks for the location (as well as other users of that location)

I have tasks and want to display the list for all tasks for that user as well as all tasks for a location

Sounds complicated. Im sure there is an easy fix

Found a great solution so thought I should post it anyway.
Used the Merge with function in the search. To make 2 search parameters and combine them for the repeating group.

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