Display Uncompressed Image

Hey fellow Bubblers!

I am writing because I am trying to display an image in a popup at full scale and quality, as part of an image gallery app.

Unfortunately, no matter what I try, the image is always being compressed on display.

When I display an image with the Image Element from the Element picker, this is the link that displays: https://d1muf25xaso8hp.cloudfront.net/https%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fappforest_uf%2Ff1599692799116x977696246695660600%2F56827_BI0jHcqI.png?w=512&h=513&auto=compress&dpr=1&q=100&fit=max

Notice the tags for width, height and compression. These are the settings:

I can work around this by creating an HTML element and displaying the image’s link in an <img>, which displays an uncompressed version of the image, but doesn’t properly scale the outer element, and doesn’t seem compatible with responsive display. It’s also isn’t really ‘no code’, boo :cry:.

This is a core requirement for my app, so I’m wondering if there’s a workaround or some way I can display images at full resolution and quality using the Image Element, or if I must use the HTML element.

EDIT: I keep finding references to a setting called output density of images, which seems to fix this issue for other users, but whenever I search the bubble reference, or look for it in my own settings page, I can’t find any information.