Displayed data gone after page refresh: How to redirect to the homepage automatically?

Within our mobile app we make use of display data, selecting one row out of a repeating group and displaying it in the next group of the app.

However, for example after updating the app and refreshing it, or after not having used it for a while, the group becomes empty since the displayed data is not there anymore.

I would like to resolve this problem without saving data to the user since this seems to significantly slow down the app. I have been playing around with the when page is loaded workflow but no success so far.

On the first image is the setup in case the damage request of group 2 (the displayed data) is empty but the app is still on page 0 or 1 (before selecting the row in which the data resides)

This second image shows the workflow which sends the user back to the repeating group page (group 1) in case you’re already in group 2-17 which become blanked out after refreshing the app.

Please let me know if you have any extra questions, want to have a look inside of the app or whatever. It’s already in the Play Store so would be great if we can resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read all of this.

Kind regards,

Hey @Timon :slight_smile: You may have done this, but have you tried setting up a “Do When Condition is True” [every time] event which detects if the data source of the group is empty, and then redirects the User?

For example, if you had a Group where the type of content for Display Data was User, and the User is not already on the Group 1 page, you could have a condition such as:

That way, the redirect should occur each time the group’s data source is empty? Perhaps I am missing something if this is mobile though?

Yeah I actually did, but the app got confused and sometimes didn’t get passed the first page (group) anymore. I resolved in just saving it on the user now, the speed difference is there but it’s small so I’ll just accept that for now.

Thanks for taking the time to write a response!

No problem at all! :slight_smile: Ah, got it! It must be a bit trickier for mobile. Glad you got it sorted out for now!