Displaying a Countdown in Text Element

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Thank you in advance for any assistance, I know your time is valuable, and I truly appreciate any thought or response in regards to my question.

I am trying to display a basic 30-second countdown in a text element off a click but am experiencing occasionally it briefly lags then will skip ahead to the appropriate second. The text element is working off a simple timer plugin triggered by an action “start a countdown”

The plugin seems to be working fine insofar as after 30 seconds any workflows associated with the end of the countdown are triggered, it’s just that the text is not keeping pace with the seconds.

I apologize if the description does not offer enough details to accurately access the issue (I’d be more than happy to elaborate if additional info is necessary) but just wanted to put the crux of my question out there and see if any kind member of the Bubble community based off your knowledge and expertise could offer any basic insight/suggestion/tip/advice as to what might be causing this issue or an alternate way in which to show a 30 second countdown (or the passage of time ie basic animation hourglass, circle, progress bar etc)

Real quick, the app is a derivative trading platform, and the timer represents the expiration time so, even though the timer is accurate, having the numbers skip would create unnecessary derision.

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Hi @michael27 can you share the link to the countdown plugin you’re using?

Thank you for your quick reply and sure thing. I have tired two-

@michael27 ha I was going to suggest the Timer plugin by Renato - never had issues with this one.

@renatoasse maybe you can help?

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Thank you for the suggestion!

Also for the record this is by no means is any knock or criticism to the plugin! The plugin works terrific, I’m guessing the display issue I’m experiencing is due to a minor set up error on my end or caused by something I’m overlooking!

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