Displaying a Filtered Repeated List by Boolean


I am trying to display a repeated list that is sorted by if the guest was booked or not for a Podcast.

How it should work: the Guest(s) area only displays guests who have been booked (Yes/no boolean).

However, as you can see below, it displays only the booked Podcast guest names but leaves a white space for all the people that have been contacted (see red arrow).

Here is a pic of my workflow:

Can anyone suggest a way so that only the podcast guests that are booked show under the Guest(s) area and not the white space?


My assumption is that your text element is inside of a repeating group. So make your repeating group single cell and set to full list…that way you can design everything else around the single cell repeating group and when there is only one guest, everything still looks as designed, and when there is more than one guest all elements below will move accordingly

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Thanks for the quick reply…

That didn’t seem to work. It still leaves large spaces and extends the element.

How did you implement it? Might be a problem with the implementation as it works for me when I set it up in my apps.

Hi boston,

I actually ended up abandoning the project, couldn’t find product-market fit. Thanks for your help and willingness to help!


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