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Displaying A List of Repeating Groups In Sections


QQ: I’m getting ready to work on a new update and I was wondering what the best way would be to achieve my needs. Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish.

1.) I have an app that has a list of Rooms and under those Rooms are Topics. I have a Dashboard View that displays all “Topics” from across the site. However, I’d like to start breaking those up so that they can be displayed under their respected Rooms in order to display only the Top 5 or so. Attached is a Screenshot. My questions is how do you set up the page to accommodate that being that the Rooms and the Topics are both dynamic. Is their a way to “Label” a RP or something that can be associated with a Room/Section that is being displayed on that page?

2.) Similar to this would be displaying Completed Topics under a Room. I"m already recording them as Completed, but I’d like to be able to display them under a Separate section under the RP called Completed. I’ve attached that Screenshot as well.

Thanks for the help!


Just thought I’d bump this up too. @gf_wolfer any thoughts on the above?

You could use Nested RP Groups

So have one Repeating Group:
Data Type: Room
Data Source: Do a Search for Rooms

Inside the RP Group Room’s Cell put another RP group
Data Type: Topic
Data Source: Do a Search for Topics (where Associated Room = current cell’s Room and where Status=Not Completed)
OR you could do Data Source as a List of Current Cell’s Room’s depending how your data is set up

Then put a second RP in that cell for the completed status

Quick warning that this will be slow to load, and you may want a way to distract the User while it loads like many large web apps use (progress bar, spinning icon, etc)

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