Displaying ALL data in repeating group?

Hi, have a bit of a noob question.

I have a repeating group that is displaying information from a “Case” datatype with a simple constraint that filters out cases that are CLOSED, or COLLECTED.

However, when I load it up in development, it is only showing my Cases, and not everybody’s. How do I get it to display ALL of the Cases, from any user?

What is your use case for displaying all “cases”? Do you want a logged in user to see just their “cases” or do you wish the logged in user to have access to all “cases” for all users and the dispositions “close” or “collected” . What are your privacy settings for “cases”? Another question… If example you want a logged in user just to see their “cases” but for example you are in admin want to be able to see all cases have you set this up in your privacy settings

This is an admin page, where we can see everything. As such, we’d like a logged in user with admin field = yes to be able to access all cases. On the page load, if logged in user with admin field = no, or admin field is blank, will be redirected to the dashboard.

Then simply put condition on page load that if the current users admin is “no” go to page dashboard

What you will need to do however is only repeating group search (obviously this will only be visible with the users admin as yes… Make sure your privacy settings for the admin user have the search box enabled for the datatype cases

This way when you enter the search criteria that repeating group that user has the privacy rights which enable search for that given datatype

I just did that, and I am still only seeing my Cases. Is there anything I need to do to the repeating group specifically?

Can you take a screen shot of how your search is set up?

Sure thing!

Also, here is what I did in regards to @Bubbleboy’s last post (130004863 is our admin credential):

Just to check, you do have cases entered under other users in the development database?

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I did not

it works now thank you

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