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Displaying an image from another data type with TinderPile

I want to use the TinderPile Addin to display an image from a different data type to the one used for the caption.

I’m creating a typical todo / project management tool. I have goals, and tasks.

The goals have an attached image. And the tasks and goals are linked in both directions.


Is there a way I can achieve what I’m trying to do below?

I need to have task as my “type of content” as I’m searching for tasks with a certain status. If I make goals my “type of content” I will miss some items in the search.

I’d really appreciate any help! I’ve spent a lot of time on this one!

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Please, have you tried to create another group inside that?

The parent group you keep as task and the group inside you change for image.

Do you mean change the group inside for goal?

If I understood it right the parent group would be task, this way you can keep your data source with your search conditions. This way, after the Search for Tasks in the data source, you need to change to first item instead of Current Goal’s image.

Inside this group you create another group or an image element, and then you insert the parent group’s task’s current goal’s image.

I hope this is what you are looking for!

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That’s working. Instead of using the TinderPile I will create my own group and will use a swipe add in to create the same effect.

Thanks a lot.

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