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Displaying and keeping images visible

Hi all. Can anyone help me on this?

I have an app database where one of the data types has an image field. Everytime a user selects an option from a drop/down menu a new entry of that data type is created in the database and populated with the fields, including the image field. As a final stage of the workflow I want that image to be displayed but I don’t want it to be deleted when the next entry is created. So at the end I want all the images be kept visible and draggable. I haven’t been able to find a solution.

thank you!

Can you perhaps use a state to hold the image and then slowly add images to that state when you need to? That way the image data source is referenced to the state and not the actual data type.

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Thanks for the details here. Glad to know more about it.

Thank you!. I see the benefit of using states when you want to hold temporary information, but the issue is that whenever the page is refreshed the state values are going to be reset. If I want to continue working from where I finished yesterday I’m not going to be able to do so… so I guess I need the database, at least a final copy of where I finished. Is that correct?

Ah yes. You could create a temporary data type to hold the values.