Displaying and updating multi-file Documents


I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of days now with no luck, hoping someone out there can help!

I am trying to have a user create a new “Silver” (task) where they can upload document(s) to. Once the document(s) are uploaded, I want to display them in a separate, “Edit Silver” pop up box. There a user will be able to see which documents they uploaded for that specific “Silver” (task) and they will also be able to upload more or delete any documents they want. **Note: I will have multiple, different “Silvers” that I want to be able to do this in.

Step 1.
I have been able to save the multiple documents (uploadedDocs header) into my database when a user creates a “Silver.”

Step 2:
I have not been able to get the documents (unique to that “Sliver”) to display in the “Edit Silver” popup. I have been able to get all documents uploaded from the initial File Uploader to display; however, I only want unique files to that “Silver.”

Can someone help me with how to get these documents, unique to each “Sliver,” to populate in the “Edit Silver” pop up box?

Step 3: I want to be able to update or delete these documents in this “Edit Silver” pop up, which means using a different file uploader if I want to upload files. How would I be able to do this?
My guess: I create a workflow on the submit button to add to the database. However, from there, I think I am back to my troubles detailed in step 2…

Will my problems from step 3 be solved once I figure out how to do step 2?

I REALLY appreciate the help in advance!