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Displaying Applicable Listings to Users

Hello! I am currently in a bit of a jam with my website. I am trying to have my website’s repeating groups only display cells that align with at least one of a User’s “Services.” However, because a user can have multiple services (choosen from a multidropdown), it will only display a cell once it matches all said services. For example, if someone is qualified to teach Piano and Saxophone (and this is listed in the services section of the App Data), they can not see listings that are solely looking for “Piano.” How should I address this? In privacy rules, I can do “When This Listing is Current User’s Services…”, not “When This Listing is AT LEAST ONE OF Current User’s Services…” Do I need to set up a condition? Please let me know if you can and have a great day!


Thank you for your post! Is the repeating group’s data source already set up successfully and it’s just a matter of configuring the privacy rules, or are we looking to set up the repeating group’s data source as well? Some screenshots of what you’re working with so far may be helpful for us to take a look together.

I believe the repeating groups data source is already set up successfully and it is just a matter of privacy rules, but I do not know.

As you can see here, User 1’s services list “Piano”, hence why they can see the “Piano” and only the “Piano” option within the repeating group.

However, once I introduce another service like “Piano” AND “Handyman” like I did with User 2, they can no longer see that original “Piano” listing and the repeating group is completely empty.

Here are the applicable privacy rules that I am currently using:

Is there a way to make it so the “Piano” listing would show up for both User 1 and User 2? Thank you so much!

Hey, seems like an issue with RG search. Do you mind posting the search conditions?

Thank you for the quick response! I believe this is what you mean by search conditions.

I don’t know much about privacy rules but adding a search constraint should work.
->Add a new constraint
->Services contains current user’s whatareyoulookingfor

Adding this constraint did not work :confused: HOWEVER, like you, I do not know much about privacy rules and deleted mine in an attempt to try something totally new and I think I figured it out:

As you can see here, I added a filter to my search and now…

VOILA! It is able to differentiate and produce results that contain AT LEAST one of the services, not both.

Now, for our next challenge, would it be possible to have a listing show up that contains at least one of a User’s services as well as other services that are not applicable to the user? For example, User 1 in this example has Piano and Dogwalking listed as their services; would it be possible to have a listing show up on their feed that is requesting Piano and something else like Handyman? Thank you so much for the assistance, I would not have been able to figure this out and make what little progress I’ve made without your help!

User have some services associated with him and he needs to see all the listings that have atleast one of the user’s services as requirements, right?
What’s type of “services” in user?
Is it a list of texts?

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