Displaying comment notifications from notifications tray

I’m building a social platform that allows users to comment on each others posts.

In my database I have 3 different types of data:

  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Notifications

Posts are displayed in a newsfeed with a thumbnail image and a title.

When a user clicks on the thumbnail, it opens the post in a pop-up with the full post contents.

When a user then comments on a persons post, my workflow creates a new comment - which includes the content of the post.

It also creates a notification, which again includes the contents of the post.

My notifications tray is built as a RG with a data type set to ‘notifications’.


I’m able to display the data from the post as the notification text.

However, when a user clicks on the notification cell, I’m able to show the post pop-up, but am unable to send the original post data through.

Below is my current workflow for displaying the post from the notifications tray.


I’m unsure why the content isn’t displaying. Would appreciate if anyone had any insights on how to show this data.

This may be too simple, but have you confirmed you are storing the post in the notification’s post field when you create the notification?

It could be a problem with your privacy rules. Have you made sure that the current user has access to the Notification data type’s “Post” field?

When I create a notification, I’m storing each element of a post as an individual field for the notification.

I’m also storing a ‘post’ field separately which entails the whole post itself.

To test the data sources, I tried pulling the post title field from the individual input, as well as the separate ‘post’ (red) input.



When I preview the format, only the individual input data is showing.


Unsure why it’s not able to read the data from the full post.

Any suggestions?

Where would I check this parameter?

Looking over your screenshots, I think I’m with @nnich19. That sounds like something odd happening with your privacy rules. I have rebuilt entire pages over an issue like this only to realize I had a privacy rule setup incorrectly.

You can check those out under the data tab.

Just looked over the tab and there’s currently no roles defined for any data types.

Really lost for strategies on how to make this one function.

Don’t forget to check all group hidden rules and checkbox for visible on page load or not and so on.

If you want to send me a link to your editor, I’ll be happy to take a look. It’s hard to know what’s happening without getting into the details of it.

Just sent you a dm with the link :+1:

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