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Displaying content based on previous selection

Hello everybody!

I’m working with three categories on the database. Users, interests, subinterests.

Every user has a list of interests associated.
Every interest has a list of subinterests associated.

What I’m wondering is how can I build something like this:

Firstly, the user chooses the interests that he likes:

And then based on what he just chose, I’d display something like this:

Something like a repeating group that filters the interests based on the “list of interests” associated with the user, and then displays a list of the associated subinterests? But can you make these subintersts now clickable? (and I’d add them to a state or something like that to them save them, right?)

  1. I think I’m not setting up the database properly - because the subinterests are linked to the interests but then I need to remember the subinterests per user.
  2. I have no idea how to use the repeating group’s information of subinterests. Do I just add them to a temporary state to manage the workflow? Sort of like if they were buttons but in reality it’s just text with rounded corners and a conditional to change the background color if that subinterest is in the state of selected subinterests?

I think I’m on the right path, but a bit lost. Any help would be useful, thanks!

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