Displaying data ater reset

Hi, I’m stuck with something seemingly simple :slight_smile:

How can I make this work ?

Thanks in advance

It seems you don’t have a WF to save changes you made in input fields to the DB, or it doesn’t work. (this was written before screenshots been uploaded :slight_smile: )

Hi, thanks for your prompt reply.
At this stage, the DB workflow is irrelevant.
As a matter of fact, I have this WF, but it is called on an other button click.

The thing here, is I have exactly the same very simple workflows, with only a difference : in one data is loaded, in the other data is reset.

So where group Locataires is located: in a repeating group/table element cell or just individually somewhere on a page? what’s the default data source for it?

It is in ta table, as per screenshots below

Working workflow :

Non working workflow :

So when you click your + (buttonAdd) button I clicked what you are doing as the first action is resetting group Locataires data:

This action resets a group or popup. When this happens, the data source reverts to what was initially set at the element’s level, and the inputs are deleted.

Now why modify does not work ? (While it works when loading a table row)
And is there a workaround ?

Because you are resetting group Locataires and I suppose you don’t have any default data source. So Thing to change is empty and there is nothing to change.