Displaying data based on logged in account(supervisor/Operator) on Bubble

I’m working on a project that has different user roles(Supervisor, Admin and Operator). I created the Admin page, now I’m trying to play with conditions to hide few groups(Edit Features) so the supervisors can also view that page. So far it’s been great. Now I’m trying to create a feature where the Admin will assign jobs to supervisors and when the supervisor logs in, he should only see the jobs he is assigned to. Any clues on how to get this functionality going? Any input will hugely be appreciated, Thanks!

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Hi Shakeeb - I am assuming you are trying to accomplish this by using a single page for both roles. If so, here is an approach you can try.

Create a group on the shared page, and show that element only when the Current User’s Role is Supervisor. It should be hidden by default on page load. This also requires that you have added a field called Role on the User object, which can have values (Supervisor, Admin, Operator).

Now for Job display, you could have a Repeating Group within that Group (shown only for Supervisor) to ‘Do a search…’ for jobs where the assigned user on Job object is the current user.

I hope this makes sense.

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Hi Partha - Thanks for the inputs, it totally worked. :slight_smile:

Glad it worked. Good luck with your project.