Displaying data from DB to be able to Edit it

Hello All

I’m having an issue and was wondering if someone could help me

I’m new to Bubble and I’m making an app for Work Orders for a repair shop

I have 3 Data types

1.- Client
2.- Order
3.- User

I’m able to create work orders, no problem, entries for the work orders look fine in the DB, so all information is there.

Now I have created this Popup form

what I will like to accomplish is by entering the order number on top, all the fields will automatically populate so that I can edit them when need it, by creating a workflow to make changes to a thing.

Basically, this is the Edit version of the Create New Work Order form.

this here is my DB setup for Client data type

this one is the setup for Orders data type

this one here is User Data Type

these are the Primary Disply Fileds

the Work Order Update (WOU) group, which has all the fields I would like to populate by entering the order number look like this

In the order number search box I can not choose the field Order #, it is not listed in the dropdown

My guess is because the Field Order # in the Order Data Type is set up as a number, maybe is that the reason why is not showing in the dropdown field to search.

Any ideas? I appreciate your help


Likely. Why does an order # need to be a type number field? … Do you need math calls to take place with order numbers?

If not, perhaps you can consider changing it to a text

Hello Carlos, thanks for replying

It is a number because the app automatically generates an incrementing number every time a new Work Order is created.

So in bubble number type fields are not searchable?

Cannot give a definite answer on searching ability for numbers.

Consider creating the order numbers via alternative mechanisms that end up in them being texts.

Any suggestions about creating the Work Order numbers with an alternative method?

I’ve changed Order # to Text, no luck, Still can display the date, I must be doing something else wrong

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