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Displaying data from different data types (linked to each other)

Hello all!

I am having trouble to display data from different data types, that are actually linked to each other. Below, I explain what is going on:

There is a data type named POSITIONS, which contains job vacancies. For each job vacancy, there’s a list of persons. Each person is added to the data type CANDIDATES.

Each job vacancy has a GENERAL CODE as a field. Likewise, each person has an assigned GENERAL CODE as a field, depending on the job vacancy he/she has applied to.

I am displaying in one page a list of job vacancies in a repeating group. In this repeating group I added a button to open a popup that should show the list of persons that have applied to the corresponding job vacancy.

So far, I only managed to display EVERY person that was added to the database, regardless of the job vacancy the person has applied to. However, as stated above, I would like to display ONLY the persons who have applied to the corresponding job vacancy.

I appreciate any help!

The pop up should be of type “Job Vacancy”. In the pop up create a repeating group of type Users, and the datatset will be seach for all users:filtered , and in the filtered expression filter just the users that their “General Code” equals the pop up’s “General Code”

Thanks for your quick support, @djtochner ! However, I still did not manage to solve the issue, even though I tried to follow your instructions. Below I am sending a screenshot:

Actually looks ok. Are you intentionally showing just one column in the repeating group? Shouldn’t that be a row list?

Yes, in this case it is a column list. Thanks anyway!

What is your repeating group showing atm ?

Adding the fiilter it shows nothing. Before the filter, it showed the entire list of CANDIDATEs, regardless of the General Code.

One thing I forgot to mention is that you need to send data to the Pop Up in your workflow. The data should be the current cell’s Job Vacancy. Could that be what’s causing it not to show properly ?

Actually, this is working fine, because without the filter the popup is displaying data. The only problem is that it is not displaying the “filtered” data.

Just to cover the bases, maybe double check the privacy rules.

@sudsy, all data types are “publicly visible”. Is that correct?

Actually without the filter it doesn’t matter what the pop up group data has, because your just searching candidates. But when the filter is on, the Pop has to have data because the filter is trying to compare its general code with the user’s general code

@djtochner, it worked! I did not add the general code as an element in the popup. It was only in the page from where the popup opens. When I added it to the popup together with the function you suggested, it worked! Thanks a lot!

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Great! Happy I could help :slight_smile:

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