Displaying data in appointment system

Greetings everyone.
I can’t solve one problem. I will be very grateful if you help me quickly as possible.
I have a doctor appointment system. The user makes an appointment to a specific doctor. How can I display the data of a user who signed up for a doctor? For example, his first name, last name, date of birth. I’ve been trying to display data by matching “iin” in zapis db of his patient but textbox is empty. It is searching “iin” like in range, for example i need to find 3232 “iin” but in search it shows like: iin contains “, , 5342, 3232”. If Im correct it needs to search as single data not multiple.
Here are screenshots:


here are some update. ive been trying to display data but its displaying data only for current user but i want for specific user

Are both the ‘booker’ and the ‘drs‘ in your database as users?

I have my app users and their clients both as users and have them a different ‘account type’, so if ‘client’ books ‘app user’ i set it to trigger workflows only if current users account type is ‘client’ and any information can be saved to that user

here are screenshots. ive been wondering why Search for gives me a list of results not single. thats what ive been struggling with.

and i want to display data of specific user for doctor, saving is working fine

anyone? pls help :slightly_smiling_face:

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