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Displaying Data in Different Data Type Elements

Hi all!

I’ve been working on my app (part-time) for several months now, but have come across an issue that I haven’t been able to solve and cant find much documentation for my specific case - so I suspect that my structure is incorrect or it’s so simple that no one’s bothered to write about it. :_)

So, I’m developing a POS for a delivery service, where Customers are either Senders or Recipients. Through a workflow, Customers(Recipeints) are added to a list on a Customers RecipientList to associate customers to other customers for future transactions. The Order Entry screen elements are type Customer. In one transaction, a Sender can have many Recipients and each Recipient can have many Products.

As part of my design, users can save uncompleted orders as TempOrders (Drafts). In order to display TempOrder data to the Order Entry section, I swap elements with a state to duplicate elements with a TempOrder datatype. At this point, it all works as expected. But, if a user needs to add a new customer/recipient (multi-recipient) to the order, I can’t display the data because the current elements are type TempOrder not Customer. Within the order, I’d like to move between recipients with a horizontal RG.

Is my structure incorrect? Or is a method to send Customer type data to elements that are type TempOrder?

You would normally have an Order data type that holds the Customers and Recipients, This way you tidy up the many to many relationship. You just give the order a status.