Displaying data out of context

Hi there!

I’m building a debt collection solution. The way it works is that people sign up, and create cases. We collect information about the debt, the debtor, and some misc. info, and save it all under the “Case” data type.

On user registration, we generate a 6-digit code and associate it with the user as a “Client Code” field. This sticks with them forever.

On the addition of a new case, we generate a 10-digit code and associate it with the case as a “Case ID” field. This sticks with the case forever.

The end goal is for debtors (people paying the debt that the creditors (logged in users), created the cases for) to navigate to a page, type in the client code of the creditor, and the case ID of the debt, and navigate through the payment/disputing process from there, using the debt information the creditor gave when creating a new case.

Unfortunately, since the debtor isn’t logged into an account, and are just coming to the site to pay/dispute their debt, the data that I want to display is displayed out of context.

What’s the best way to tackle this?

Or if anyone else has any opinions on how to make this work, much appreciated!

hi nsykes, happy to help, but could you please go into detail with what you mean with out of context?
In a workflow sense what needs to be searched/displayed or what are you doing that is not working?

Do not know if this is relevant, but note that you can still make changes to “current user” if that user is not logged in.