Displaying dynamic option with data pulled from an API


I am trying to pull movie data from an API and display some fields in the Movie page. Most data is displayed except for the Streaming option which should display a Yes or No. The data that it displays for this movie should be a “No” but it displays “Yes”
I try to set it up but the Choices Source field is always red. Can someone help ?

Page Link: Your Bubble app

Here is the API which it pulls data from https://academy-demo-api.bubbleapps.io/api/1.1/obj/movie/1657814036308x774009658780576900

You need to change dynamic choice to be static and then enter Yes and No manually as options.

On the default value this is where you can pull the value is True and it should return yes/no

Thanks I switched it to Static Choice and this is how I fixed it.