Displaying files to other users

Hey everyone,

Not sure if displaying file links is still an issue for you, but here I’m struggling with it.

I am developing a marketplace where I have 2 user types.

User A can create a time slot at which they’re available, while User B can request to book that time slot.

Yet before User B requests to book it, they’re asked to fill in some information that includes

a) Additional comments on how User A could help them
b) A file/files (images) that User B can attach so that User A could get a better understanding of where exactly they could help.

At the time the requester (User B) fills in the information they can see everything they’ve written and everything they’ve uploaded. However, once they click a button to request a time slot, the receiver (User A) can see everything except for all of the file (image) links that the requester (User B) uploaded.

I’m adding a few illustrations on this whole process below:

User B selects a time slot → fills in all the information → clicks on the booking button “TAIP”

User A receives the request from User B with additional comments and only one link to the file.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong, as there’s only one file remains displayed in the repeating group, while others disappear somewhere?


Yeap. Images is a list but your are adding the images as if they were a single entry. This is why only one shows.

Although this instructive video by @gregjohnkeegan video shows how to add list selections in an rg … the concept that you need to implement is the same … adding things to a list of things (or in your case adding images to a list of images). Create and save list selections | Bubble.io Tutorial



Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

I managed to work it out in the end!

@cmarchan now that my events can be scheduled smoothly, do you by chance have an idea how could I integrate the feedback pop-up?

What I mean is that at the time certain Parent Group’s Event’s End Date/Time is supposed to end, the requester of this event should get a pop-up asking to rate the creator’s event as well as leave the star on how the creator performed?

I already have integrated a feedback page, where requesters can easily rate creators as users, however, not sure who could I push the pop-up at the time the event comes to an end?

Does it have to be set up with the backend workflows? Or is there an easier way around it?

Much appreaciated!

Consider creating a field in one of the dB things to setup a dB trigger event