Displaying Filtered Results Based on a Many-to-Many Relationship with Junction Table and Related Table Field Filter

I am currently retrieving information for the current user from the intermediate table “users_skills” using a Repeating Group. Inside the Repeating Group, I have a text field that is only displayed when the “category” field in the related “skills” table is equal to 1, resulting in empty fields when it is hidden.

Therefore, I am looking for a way to retrieve only the values from “users_skills” where the “category” field in the related “skills” table is equal to 1. However, I am unsure of how to do this.

I apologize if the translation was incorrect.

Presumably users_skills has a field of type skill?

Can’t you use a filter here?

P.s it’s best not to capitalise bubble table names as it can look messy. Skill not skills.