Displaying first image from Drop Zone import gallery

Losing a little more of my mind here, spent almost an entire day at this to no avail. I can import individual images from Drop Zone to my list of images but not multiples.

When I import a single image to my record, all is good, it saves to my database, I can call the image and display it in an image box. But when I upload two images it all goes to pot.

  • I can see the two small thumbnails in my database app data when I look at the list of records.
  • When I open (edit) a record there is one thumbnail and it displays a question mark.
  • When I try to call the ‘first’ image (or last or whatever) into my image box in the app, I get a warning (General Warning in debugger that the image could not be loaded).

Can’t find any similar issues here. Am I missing something?

Thanks a mill,