Displaying Input Element Initial Content Text True Color

For my cost element overview I’ve used input elements and stripped it of its styling to just display text. This way I can use the value of the individual costs to calculate the whole but I’m noticing that on my display (Mac with Mini LED) that the color of normal text elements and the text elements from input elements are different colors while their font color are the same (#252525). On my second monitor these colors are the same but why is this and how can I fix this?

input elements are meant to be used as inputs for the user to modify directly.
if you want to display data use a text element.
you can use custom state to hold data for calculations.

if you are adamant on using input elements maybe the problem is that you are setting the placeholder instead of the value as they can have 2 different colors.

Didn’t think about the custom states, thanks. Needed a few extra workarounds in the workflow but it works now. Thanks!

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