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Displaying items listed in various languages in one RG

I have this marketplace where users can list items for sale in 2 languages (English and Spanish). I have designed 2 forms (one for English users and one for French users). Fields for French form are say a(French), b(french), c(french), etc. and fields for English form are say a(English), b(English), c(English), etc. The items are listed in categories say Fruits (French), Vegetables (French), Grains (French), etc. and Fruits (English), Vegetables (English), Grains (English. So when listing an item, users are first required to select category from a dropdown. Each of the categories are displayed in a separate RG e.g. One RG for Fruits (French) and Fruits (English), one RG for Vegetables (French) and Vegetables (English) etc. All the categories and fields are listed under one datatype. My question is: What constraints should I set on the vegetables (English) and Vegetables (French) RG? so that it displays items listed in French and items listed in English?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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