Displaying Large Fields in the data editor

I’m developing an app for a client that must be bilingual. This means that every button, caption, Title, pargraphs are dynamic. So in the database, I have a “thing” called “Language” where I register every piece of text. Since there is a lot of them I gotta keep organized by giving them logical names which ends up being quite long. When editing the fields, I realized that the editor doesn’t adjust the field names responsively. See screen shot below:

*All the field names are cutted so it is a pain to work with.

I found a workaround that gives me this amazing result:

The simple thing I did was to temporarily edit the Bubble CSS file through my browser Web Inspector. The file is “xfalse”, that is found in the folder “Stylesheet” under the “Ressource” tab of the inspector. Look for the min-width for the class “.field-caption” that is by default 128px (In my case that was line #2211). Change that for 300px and you should see immediate results.

*That’s the web inspector from Safari on a mac

Happy editing!

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Hey @julienallard1 just curious why you choose creating this way instead of using app(?) from Bubble to manage all languages? What happened if your client ask for a third language?

Because Bubble offers only a few basic fields to translate. What about the content I create? If my client ask me for a 3rd or 4th translation, I simply have to create a new thing in the database and enter all the fields in that new language.

When the app loads, a workflow sets a “language” custom state to the page. Then every element take their content dynamically from that custom state. This make changing the language instant.

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Not sure I’m catching you on that. As I know, everything is translated (button, text, …), or what you mean by basic fields? It’s also the same with the content I created. Maybe I’m missing something?

You didn’t missed anything; I did. I just realised that when I point a Dynamic Data to “App Text (?)”, I have the option to create a new field that appears in the list in the Language settings. I thought I was limited to the built-in fields.

I started using Bubble 2 months ago, so I still have a lot to learn!

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