Displaying Lists in Repeating Groups

In the part of the app that I’m creating, the user has the ability to fill out a number of forms as a way of creating one overall report. One of those forms is an audit form where they find errors during a check and correct the errors found. There is no way to know how many errors will be found each time. When errors are found, information that will be logged is as follows:

  • Name (Person committing error)
  • Error Type
  • Carrier Name Before Correction
  • Trailer Number Before Correction
  • Carrier Name After Correction
  • Trailer Number After Correction
  • Auditor Comments

How I’m going about this is I’m having the list of audit errors fed into a repeating group. The problem I have is I’m not sure how to get Bubble to feed the data to the repeating group. I need the data to display like so:

Name:  [data here]
Error Type:  [data here]
Carrier Name Before Correction:  [data here]

This would be for each error listing. I’m not exactly sure what to search for on this. I see a lot of options to try, but feel it would be more wise to ask for direction.

Are the forms being saved as a certain data type? They will need to be. Then the data source for the repeating group would just be a search for that data type with constraints based on which ones you want to show the user. Then in the cell it would be like this:

Name: Current Cell's data type's Name
Error Type: Current Cell's data type's Error Type

Thank you for the response! I am about out of time for working on this today, but I want to make sure I’m set up for working on this tomorrow morning. I will give this a try right away. Here is my data type that I’m running the repeating group through.


I don’t have any constraints on my search for the repeating group. That must be where I’m going wrong here. I just need to make sure that each error’s details stick together and are labeled correctly.

Just to give you further detail, this is what the Audit Issue data type looks like so you understand the structure I’m working with.

I apologize for the delay this morning. I’ve been trying to work through the best way to do this. Your direction did work for me. Thank you for that! However, I have run into another issue (which is why my response has taken so long).

Let me show you my layout to explain as that would be easier. The blue outline is where I have data in a group searching for Trailer Audit Forms (Parent to Trailer Audit Issues data type). I do not want this information to repeat down the page which is why I put it in a group separate from the repeating group. In the orange outline I have the Trailer Issues repeating group.

Good news: For the moment it seems like the data is showing correctly.
Bad news: I’m not sure how to set a conditional statement on the top group saying, “If there is no Trailer Audit, do not show.” When I go into the conditional setting, there are really no options for this that I can see. I’ve tried going through the Parent ReportID (which is set to the page level and ties all the forms together), but it doesn’t work.

Here is the search settings for the group.

Any ideas?

To hide the List of TrailerAuditIssues Repeating Group when the TrailerAuditForm does not have any AuditIssues you just need to put a conditional on the Orange Group that says when the Blue Group’s TrailerAuditForm's AuditIssues first item is empty then this element is not visible.

I didn’t have this option available to me, but I found another way around it. What I ended up doing was telling the group holding the repeating group to not be visible if there is no content. I then told the other group to hide if the group holding the repeating group isn’t visible. So it worked out. It’s ugly, but it worked. I have a convoluted project so I’m guessing I will have more issues like this where references will be more complicated.

I spent a lot of this afternoon reworking my layout to try to simplify things for myself in terms of how references will work. That’s what the delay was. So I had to take several steps back, but I think it will pay dividends going forward.

Thank you for willingness to help!

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