Displaying multiple fields from a referenced table

So I have an app for Employee Vehicles. I have two tables (Users and Vehicles). When my user logs in I want their profile page to display their Name, Email (thats easy. Got that) but I also want it to display their Vehicle Make, Model, Tag Number, Mileage, Last oil change date (these are all separate fields in the Vehicle table btw). I can get the tag number to display because it is the primary field for Vehicles but how do I get it to grab the other fields based on the users login?

I have searched and searched for the answer to this and I know it is doable but I just keep missing on the answer.

What is the database relationship between User and Vehicle?

Like if User has a Vehicle field, then just do User's Vehicle's Milage

OK I think I found it. Just took a little digging to understand the relationship. Thank you!

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