Displaying multiple fields from a single table within a repeating group?

I’m looking for some advice in my attempt to display different data fields within a single repeating group

For example:

I currently have 3 input fields where users can input (example): ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’, dinner’.
Each is stored in a table called ‘food’ (containing fields: breakfast, lunch, dinner).

I would like to be able to display this data in a format like:

User 1
Breakfast: eggs
Lunch: sandwich
Dinner: Salad

User 2
Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: soup
Dinner: Fish

But i’m having trouble b/c at the moment it seems like I’m only able to bring a single field from my food table into the a repeating group.

@NigelG - we haven’t met - but i’ve been impressed with some of your responses - care to take a stab at this if/when you have a moment?

Will do.

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same problem… any hint?

Hi there, @tylerborenstein and @tobias2… with the structure proposed in the original post (i.e., a data type called food with fields for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), the desired display can be achieved with a repeating group inside of another repeating group. The data source of the first/main repeating group would be a Search for Users with no constraints, and the data source of the nested repeating group (i.e., the repeating group that is placed within the first row of the first/main repeating group) would be a Search for Foods with a constraint of Created By = Current cell's User. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


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I think I figured it out. It’s quite simple and logical.

*) Drag a repeating Group on your site
*) Drag ALL textfields which you want to display in relation to each other in only ONE cell of the repeating group layout (i.e. user, breakfast, lunch, dinner). These cells then get repeated and it should be displayed properly. I guess you would need a repeating group with a lot of rows but just one column.

This makes sense, because you always need the same parameter. And the parameter is defined on the cell. ("Current cell’s …). Hope this helps…

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You’re absolutely right, @tobias2… I really overthought that one! A single repeating group that is a search for foods works just fine because each food record has a creator that you can display in a text field. My apologies for overcomplicating things… pretty easy to get in your own way sometimes in Bubble. :slight_smile:


I could not overcomplicate due to lack of knowledge :wink: Your answer was great and gave me some more context. Still learning a lot :slight_smile:

The knowledge will come quickly… just keep on goin’. Be careful, though… Bubble is very addictive! :slight_smile:

Thanks for this warning, but it came too late. I am already addicted :wink: But I think in terms of software that is very positive :slight_smile: There is too much frustrating user experience out there…

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Great solution @mikeloc and @tobias2 - seems fairly obvious once it’s in front of me now…