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Displaying multiple predefined word templates inline, in the order they were added


I am having trouble figuring out how to add multiple predefined word templates to an input while keeping them in the order they were added.

I have an input field that gets populated with a description of work that was performed that day. Often times that description contains a lot of the same phrases. I want to be able to use options to retrieve the phrases and enter them inline so I can cut down on a lot of duplicate entry. I am using a multi-drop down to select multiple options but the issue is that it re-arranges the content by alphabetical order not in the order in which it was selected. I don’t believe I can use a repeating group for this as the data needs to be manually edited after these templates are added. Any ideas here?


On the input try multidropdown A’s value :sorted (descending “yes”)

That did it. Wow how I missed that… Thank you @cmarchan for your quick reply!

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Well at least it seemed to. It is still arranging in alphabetical order… I believe I added a couple of other options and they just so happened to display in the correct order which happened to be alphabetical order… Not sure what to do here…

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