Displaying Multiple Rows in a single row

Does anyone have experience with displaying multiple rows in a single row inside an repating group?

Something like this:

Hack: have the rg be of type number and display a list of numbers made up of only one number. This is your row. On that row build your structure and display the values of all of your entries.

You can use the toolbox plugin to generate the list of numbers

I’m already using the toolbox plugin to display a certain number of rows at a time, allowing the customer to scroll through the list to see more.

Do I need to create a repeating group within the first row (who is already inside a repating group) that groups based on my selected parameters?

That is one way. Not advisable as it may slow things down and cost more.

Another one is to display the entries vertically within text elements.

Explore how join with a line break works. Or alternatively consider :formatted as text with a “press enter key” delimiter

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