Displaying only the latest information in a repeating group thread

I have a repeating group where I am displaying information.

If you click on the repeating group, it shows a series of updates in a timeline (if available).
For example, if you click on row 1, there may be one update in a popup, but clicking on row 2, five different updates display in a popup.

I organize this information using a child ID, parent ID data structure. It looks like this.

I’m trying to set this up so that the ONLY data that shows up in my repeating group list is either the info for the last Parent ID in the series, or if no update exists, then only the row where the initial ID is 0. Anyone have any advice? Thanks.

edit: by the way, i noticed in my screenshot that my parent IDs are too high by 1 (that parent ID 6 should be 5) due to an error in my code, but the question remains!

Please upload a picture of the repeating group and the data.

As far as I understand, you can use a filter and filter only those with the last parent ID.
If you want to filter by time, you can use built-in date fields.

I think I solved this by setting a state that just identified what the latest update in a thread is and resetting the state of all previous updates. Thanks!

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Congrats :star_struck:

There is a way that is sometimes forgotten for the data source filter.
we usually use the filter in the search and sometimes we face challenges. But there is another way, very simple, use the conditional tab, to change the data source for different conditions.
I said this in general, I think you also followed the same method.

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