Displaying options without duplication

Hi lads,

I’m developing a marketplace where I have two user groups; events creators and events requesters. To improve the quality of events creators, I’ve set up an after-event feedback page, where the event’s requesters can leave a star and a comment on where should the creator improve the next time.

Now things advanced from my end and I decided to implement an additional feature, where users can now also rate the event’s creator’s personality, so that other event’s requesters could decide better whether the creator is the right fit for them or not.

Obviously, when it comes to rating, I added an option set in the database that consists of 24 personality types and a multi dropdown field that sources those options. So every time the event’s requester has to rate someone, the selected personality options are saved smoothly in the DB. However, the issue here is that I’m not really sure how I could display them for that particular user.

Everything looks like that at the moment.

When the event’s requester checks the event’s creator’s profile they see a Repeating Group illustrating Personality that is sourced from the All Personality options set.

Inside the repeating group into the cell, I added a text that is illustrating the Current cell’s Personality’s Display.

Now the reason I did it is that I figured it’ll be easier to pull all the available options from the database and then hide irrelevant ones with conditionals if the Current Page User’s Personality doesn’t contain certain personality from the list. Though I ran into a situation where no matter how much I try I still end up hiding everything, or the Repeating Group does only display those personality types that were given by other users and end up being duplicated.

So fellas, can anyone share their wisdom on how I could display only those personality types that were originally given by the evaluators without duplicating them.

When loads of events requesters will start evaluating the event’s creators I want the personality types to be displayed like this:

Patience (4) ; (Determination (2), etc.

but not like this

Patience, Patience, Patience, Patience, Determination, Determination…

Thanks a lot to those who managed to read it all through! :slight_smile: