Displaying profile images of users assigned to the same task

I’m following a tutorial on Udemy where I am building a task management app. Everything was great until my app did not display all of the user’s profile images that were assigned to the same task. I only see the profile pic of the current user and the other spaces are empty. It’s as if the current user need permission to see the other users’ profile pics that are assigned to the same task.

I have a RG of “tasks” and inside that group is another RG called “users” that’s calling for “current cell’s task’s assignees”. The repeating image item in the RG is calling for “current cell user’s profile image:process with imgix”. I run the preview as one of the users and I only see the current user’s profile pic in the space order, i.e., if that user was the 3rd to be assigned the task, then that user’s pic is in the third box in the horizontal RG (screenshot attached). I hope I explained it well. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Can you share a screenshot of how you have the RG set up for the images? Sounds like the issue is there.

Sure, here is the RG screenshot

Here is the RG’s items

Hmm… ok all that looks right. Can you make sure the other Users have profile pictures assigned to them?

If you’re able to share a link to your app we can take a look that way, too.

Yes, they have profile pictures also (screenshot). Thank you for helping me out!!

Here’s the link to the app

Make sure you go to Settings >> General >> Application rights to can view so we can access.

Got it, done!

Ahhh you have some privacy rules on that keeps the profile image (and other info) from being seen by other users.

You’ll want to adjust this under Data >> Privacy

THANK YOU! I’m going to try this right now.

So, I was correct in thinking that the user had to have permission to see the other user’s pics. I was on the right track but didn’t know how to correct it. Again, thank you.

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