Displaying Real time data

My Goal:
I want to be able to display data as soon as it is changed, added or updated in the database.

My problem:
I have 2 bubble apps, one displays data for regular users, but i also have a backed app, that’s where we do the changes to the data. I connect them through an API and obviously they don’t update real time.

Any solutions or ideas or welcome!
If you have any better way of doing this please comment!

Why not have only one app with one dB with different user roles and privacy rules?

I wanted to have backroom so there is no possible chance that anyone could change data. Unless there is a work around.

Build user roles so that admins can make changes and members can view only

I have a crap load of data being implemented every day, its not data i can implement on the page its like Esports box scores, so there are matches and games within those matches. So i need ways to create those games without having members be able to. Think of it like espn. But with no member accounts.